How the ABPA-SA Chapter was Formed

In March of 1974 the San Antonio City Water Board established one of the first Cross Connection Control Programs as a water purveyor in this part of the United States. As an employee, Fred Baird was assigned the job of developing the CCC program. Frank Aguirre, Supervisor of the Water Quality Division, was the main push behind the development of the program which was under the Engineering Department.

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Election time is rapidly approaching the ABPA-SA Chapter

The members would like to thank Joe Fazekas, our current President for carrying the torch of President for an extra year during the COVID-19 pandemic, which we have all had to deal with for the past 19 months. Since we now have somewhat of a handle on the pandemic, it is now time to charge on and attempt to get back into our standard mode of operation. Keith Waldrep, our current Vice-President, will be moving up to President at the start of the October meeting and any new Officers and At-Large Directors will be taking their places on the board. Anyone who is interested in running for Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or At-Large Director, is welcome to contact Carl Michaud...

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“Backflow Programs -Are They Adequate?

“Our Backflow Program needs to be Reformed and Enforced” – This is something we hear every so often by those that really Speak Backflow and know their existing local backflow prevention enforcement policies are not protecting the public’s potable water system like it is intended to. We hear such comments as: “We know CCC is important – however, we do not have the funds to support it” – “We don’t need to do that” – “Cross Connections are not allowed in our State” – “We require and recognize Air Gap Separations only” – “How much is the fine – it may be less costly”, etc. etc. Who’s at fault here? Generally, upper management and the bean counters? Those controlling the water system have the power to enforce the rules and regulations, however they do not know or understand cross connection control measures and do not support the program necessities.

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Water Departments and Testers Benefit from Local ABPA Membership and Meeting Attendance!

The interaction between backflow prevention assembly testers (BPATs) and the local cross connection control enforcement agency can really provide a benefit through involvement and the attendance of meetings. Information sharing that takes place at these meetings helps to keep testers informed, which impacts the effectiveness of communication through the test and maintenance report form documentation. The accurate completion of these report forms is often the only type of communication the enforcement agency has to determine what is out in the field and how the water is being protected. The accurate transfer of in-field information also helps the next backflow tester who may be testing the same backflow prevention assembly the following year, adding to, or updating the previous year’s information.

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ABPA-SA Chapter Responded to the National Backflow Day

August 16 was National Backflow Day in the United States. It is a date that is registered and will be recognized every year in the future. On this date in 1933, the Chicago World Fair attracted thousands of guests. Two popular hotels housing tourists shared their rooftop potable water source, and a lack of strict plumbing/cross-connection control codes resulted in a breakout of amoebic dysentery in the joint water supply. The disease quickly spread worldwide, resulting in 98 recorded deaths and 2,000 illnesses. The outbreak resulted in the founding of the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research, leading to new, safe plumbing regulations for backflow assemblies.

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Bac-Flo Unlimited provides training for the Corpus Christi ABPA Chapter

Fred, Troy, and Sandy (the real boss) decided to help the Corpus Christi ABPA Chapter by providing member training at their Thursday evening meeting. With training and an R&R trip in mind, they loaded the vehicle and headed southeast to Corpus Christi. While traveling and having nothing else to do, they started thinking about how the San Antonio ABPA Chapter could help some of the other surrounding ABPA chapters succeed like our San Antonio chapter has for the last 31 years.

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