TCEQ Workgroup Meeting

The following is an overview of the discussions that were conducted virtually by the TCEQ Cross Connection Control Workgroup on September 3rd. Attending were approximately 20 participants from various water related fields and from different parts of the State. Paul and Henry from USC in California also attended. The meeting was chaired by Katherine McGlaughlin, TCEQ Cross Connection Control Coordinator

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Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc.

Conducting Courses – Contending With Virus Protection.

Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc. stopped conducting all Backflow Training Courses from March through May. We resumed conducting courses in June with the following Virus Protection Procedures in place. Basic course size is being limited to 16 students to accommodate spacing. Entire course is conducted in our open shop and outside.

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Due to COVID-19 we are all experiencing various difficulties in our lives, as is the ABPA-SA Chapter. SAWS closed their conference room where we were having our meetings right after our March meeting. The Virus raised its ugly head to the point nobody was interested in mingling with other people anyway. The Chapter has been unable to conduct meetings since then and there are a number of members who need to renew their BPAT License, or will need to in the near future. Members were able to earn CEUs by attending the monthly meetings and BAC-FLO Unlimited provided the Free Hands-On eight (8) hour training to all those members who attended at least five (5) meetings per year and had earned sixteen (16) CEUs at Chapter meetings.

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BAVCO Comes to San Antonio

Many of the old timers in the backflow business will remember the times, back in the early 80’s to middle 90’s, when Jim Purzycki would come to San Antonio with his several thousand pounds of backflow prevention assemblies and put on training seminars describing how every one of the assemblies worked and how to disassemble them, repair them, and reassemble them into working order. Many of the assemblies were somewhat current at the time, but have long since become obsolete. A few of them were almost obsolete back then, but it showed how the industry was growing.

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Many testers are listing their model numbers of the Mid-West Backflow Test Gauge simply as Mid- West 845. That is not a correct model number because there is no Mid-West 845. Mid-West Instrument currently manufactures several different model numbers such as an 845-2, a two valve test kit, which is verry rare, an 845-3, which is a three (3) valve test kit, and an 845-5, which is a five (5) valve test kit, the most popular model. They also manufacture a Mid-West 835, which is an 845-5 mounted in the original hard case of the model 830 for those who prefer the original hard case. Another model is the Mid-West 847 with a 270 degree dial, which is not a popular model and very few have been manufactured. The Mid-West 830 is aslo still manufactured. There are a few very old obsolete models, not listed above, out there that have not died yet.

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CDA Position Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Copper Development Association (CDA) developed the following position statement to address an influx of inquiries from the media and external stakeholders.

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