San Antonio ABPA Chapter Receives the 2020 PACE Award

The American Backflow Prevention Association-San Antonio Chapter has once again been awarded the PACE (Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence). ABPA-SA has won every year since 1999 with the exception of 2001, 2002, and 2003. The majority of these years our secretary, Greg Shean, has worked hard compiling the necessary information and writing it into a multi-page document to submit to ABPA each year before the Annual Conference.

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Very Important Information for Anyone Taking the Free Hands-On In 2020 and Beyond

     The “Free Hands-On Class” starting in 2021 will have some new requirements that will affect all those members who plan to attend. Currently the only requirement is to be a member in good standing of the San Antonio Chapter of ABPA and have at least 16 CEUs earned by attending Chapter meetings. CEUs earned by attending repair seminars or ABPA Conferences are not included towards the required 16 CEUs for the “Free Hands-On Class”.

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Occupational Licensing Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Expiration of Occupational Licenses, including BPAT Licenses

With the onset of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the Governor’s Proclamation of a state of disaster in Texas, TCEQ is extending the expiration dates of all occupational licenses expiring in March and April of 2020 by 30 days. In addition, TCEQ is aware that occupational license holders may be having difficulty completing their continuing education requirements for renewal of their licenses. All license holders are encouraged to seek online training opportunities, when possible.

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 icon April 2020 Newsletter


Someone Snaked my Backflow

By: Trinidad Chairez - 2019 Winner of the "Nightmare Award"

     This story begins with an all too common scenario - a customer called to report that one of the irrigation backflow preventers for their property had been stolen. As with most people, they were nervous that it might be stolen again, so this project was placed on hold temporarily while a welder they knew built a lockable box to protect the assembly from future thieves.

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 icon January 2020 Newsletter


Why Backflow Prevention Is Important

The residents in South Austin were told not to drink the water after several people reported foamy water coming out of their faucets on January 22nd. Until the cause could be traced, drinking water was then delivered to over 300 homes, several businesses, an office complex, an apartment building, a church, and a school. The Austin Fire Department had extinguished a large fire at the Westoak Woods Baptist Church on January 22nd. About two weeks later, it was later determined that a foam pumper truck had attached to the lead pumper fighting the fire and pumped foam into the lead truck and also into the fire hydrant that the lead pumper was connected to. The higher pressure from the foam pumper forced foam into the fire hydrant and into the public water distribution system.

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