Soda Dispensing Units

The ASSE 1022 dual check backflow device, (no, it is not an assembly since it does not have test cocks and shutoff valves), is a no-testable unit that many of the plumbing codes allow to be used for backflow protection on carbonated drink machines. As we all know, everything fails at some time and the 1022 has a threaded port between the two check valves, so if it starts leaking, a plug can be installed and the leaking problem is solved. What we don’t know is the fact the checks may have failed and the unit is no longer protecting the plumbing system. After there were some health issues reported, San Antonio required a Double Check valve backflow preventer to be installed on carbonators since they were testable. The use of the DC negated the need for a drain under the DC. The backflow assemblies were then required to be tested every year to make sure they were protecting the water supply from carbonic acid in the water distribution system, created by the CO2 back pressuring into the plumbing system.

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