Corpus Christi (KIII News) — City Council voted Wednesday to change the inspection process for backflow preventers. It's a change they said will save residents money. Large backflow preventers are used for businesses and industries around the city to keep water from backing up into the City's water system. Smaller versions are used by residents who can tap water wells on their property and connect to their homes, which share a connection to City water. Full Article

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The Corpus Christi City Council received an update on the city's backflow prevention program.

According to Corpus Christi City Manager Margie Rose, the city has taken significant steps to protect the city's water system.

The program was created after an incident at an industrial facility prompted the city to issue a water ban back in December 2016. Full Article

 FLORISSANT, Mo. ( - The state of Missouri has not received federal assistance, yet, but the city of Florissant is trying to document residential damage to prepare for assistance should it be made available.

The Florissant Police Department is asking two things of residents should sewer back-ups or property damage from backups or flooding arise. Full Article

 Each month, the Livingston County Health Department inspects businesses and schools that serve food, ensuring the public is protected from harmful practices or lack of healthful practices. Full Article

Backflow prevention assemblies are installed to make sure a backflow incident does not contaminate our potable water supply.

Because this is a health safety device, enforcement of an ongoing evaluation process is critical to assure it is working when and if a backflow incident occurs. This annual evaluation is called field testing. The field test is a process to evaluate the working condition of a backflow prevention assembly installed in the plumbing system. Like any mechanical piece of equipment, the assembly’s performance can deteriorate and eventually require maintenance. The evaluation must be done by somebody certified to perform the field-test procedure. This presents two variables: the field test itself and the term certification. Full Article