Backflow preventer theft epidemic! "The thefts probably occurred in the winter but are only being discovered now because spring has arrived and homeowners are checking their sprinkler systems..." (O'Fallon sees rise in plumbing thefts).

Virginia Beach Va. No accurate records of backflow preventer tests performed. "'s building codes administrator, said the problem was shoddy paperwork and not a lack of inspections... The inspections staff ...provided "inaccurate and unreliable information" to other city officials about their work..." (Va. Beach auditor: No evidence of water safety inspections)

Dozens of Queens students became ill at a Flushing elementary school Tuesday, according to fire officials, and investigators believe it may have been the result of contaminated water fountains. (Students fall ill).

A recent article entitled "Corrosion, Not Age, is to Blame for Most Water Main Breaks," estimated that, on average, 700 water main breaks occur each day in North America.3 This amounts to 250,000 breaks annually. This large and increasing rate of failure will create unprecedented financial burdens for water utilities and their customers. Read More.

Water Main Break Clock

An ordinance that would require some commercial property owners to have their backflow prevention devices inspected annually is set to go before the Helena City Commission for a final vote Monday night, but even if it passes, some technicalities would have to be worked out before it would be implemented.... (Backflow is topic of Monday's commission meeting).