Many people assume that plumbing work conducted by a licensed plumbing contractor would not pose a hazard to the their drinking water supply system. This is not always the case as written in this article about a Minnesota plumbing company no longer in business after 2 known cross connection incidents. (Minnesota plumber causes Cross Connection...Twice!)

An outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in Wisconsin has been linked to a decorative fountain found in a hospital lobby, according to a new study released Tuesday online in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. (Hospital Fountain Linked to Disease Outbreak in Wisconsin)

SARATOGA SPRINGS, UTAH -- Saratoga Springs leaders are talking about putting teeth into a city code on cross connecting culinary drinking water with irrigation lines after a bacteria outbreak. While the city continues to investigate potential. ($10,000 fine for illegal Cross Connections)

More observant residents are starting to object to ANNUAL testing requirements for otherwise properly installed residential irrigation backflow preventer devices... "...This is a heavy financial burden. How unfortunate that this threat of enforcement comes at a time when the economy is suffering. Likewise, (testing) enforcement is costly to the county. Why spend taxpayer dollars for enforcement when the risk is low? I believe we are using a cannon to kill an ant..." (Contesting backflow inspections).

Palm Beach Gardens police officers shared some new details ....about a brutal beating that left a security guard dead after being in a coma for 10 weeks. ...Investigators said (he) likely approached criminals in the act of stealing backflow prevention devices, WPBF 25 News' ...reported. (Police Shed New Light On Fatal Beating Of Security Guard). Video also included...

"Executives with a local company filed a lawsuit against the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County claiming that the drinking water it sells is in danger of contamination..." (Lawsuit claims Westmoreland water in danger).