Wasting taxpayers' money!

Manatee County requires backflow preventers and testing. The claim is that it will prevent "unintentional contamination of the water supply."

Oddly, this is only the case in the county; town water supplied doesn't have these devices.

They claim this is necessary because we have a ground irrigation system. Since those systems are a completely separate supply system, not connected to the drinking water supply (use reclaimed water), the assertion is mute.

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We are not in a "flood zone" designated region. There is no possible way for water from a pond or river to enter the county-provided drinking water system, as those have no pressure. Full Article

How Clean Is Your Drinking Water?

How do you know your drinking water is safe? Andrea Mock reports. Video



At their May 4 meeting, the City Councimembers received updates on many city initiatives, including:

Bus intercept—Sound Transit's proposal to build a bus intercept on 80th Avenue S.E., near the planned light rail station, isn't sitting well with many Islanders.

The Council subcommittee has "serious doubts as to the viability of Bus Intercept on Mercer Island as presented," according to the agenda.

"There does not seem to be any combination of minor revisions and mitigating efforts that could lead us to recommend its consideration or anticipate its approval by the City Council," it states. "The magnitude of the proposed facility and the operating flexibility that Sound Transit and Metro seem to require make it more important than ever that these and all relevant agencies revisit other options to locating Bus Intercept on Mercer Island." Full Article


Scores from Henry County restaurant inspections conducted by the Henry County Health Department for the week of Aug. 20-26 (maximum score: 100): Full Article


John Peeples used to spend $150 to $225 per month on watering his grass between June and August every year. Twenty years ago he dug a well on his property, connected his sprinkler system to it and his monthly water bill dropped to $20.

"All it does is water my grass," the resident of Pensacola's Cordova Park neighborhood said of his irrigation system. "It's not connected to the public water supply in any way. And yet they are telling me I have to get this device." Full Article

Changes to DEP rules have positive effect on city of Venice water customer

VENICE, Fla. -- Changes of the rules for cross-connection control by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will equal cost savings to residents of the City of Venice.

The changes reflect a desire by the state agency to reduce the burden of installation and testing of backflow prevention assemblies for residential water customers. Changes to the city's cross- connection control program include: Full Article