Backflow prevention assemblies are installed to make sure a backflow incident does not contaminate our potable water supply.

Because this is a health safety device, enforcement of an ongoing evaluation process is critical to assure it is working when and if a backflow incident occurs. This annual evaluation is called field testing. The field test is a process to evaluate the working condition of a backflow prevention assembly installed in the plumbing system. Like any mechanical piece of equipment, the assembly’s performance can deteriorate and eventually require maintenance. The evaluation must be done by somebody certified to perform the field-test procedure. This presents two variables: the field test itself and the term certification. Full Article

The City Council is taking a look at toughening up enforcement for backflow preventer inspections.

Under the proposal, customers would have to comply with current regulations on inspections, or be subject to a city inspection, with costs charged to the water bill. Full Article

Every day the toilet in my cell fills up with a disgusting brown backflow, and at least a couple of times a week there are chunks of someone else's excrement floating in it. Since the implementation of flush restrictions and low-flow diaphragms here at California State Prison-Los Angeles County in Lancaster, these problems have grown much worse. Full Article

CORPUS CHRISTI - Today, the city council voted in favor of tougher regulations on backflow preventers. Those devices protect our drinking water.

Among the proposed changes, the city would be able to inspect, and if needed, fix backflow preventers that are out of compliance. The cost would be added to the customer's utility bill. Full Article

The Holly Trustees will meet in a work session on February 15th to determine who needs to have a water backflow device installed on their plumbing to prevent contamination of the public water supply.  The issue was on the Trustee’s agenda for their meeting February 1st.  The Backflow and Cross Connection Control Ordinance was unanimously approved by the Trustees after a final review during their March 2016 meeting.  The requirements of the backflow devices are dependent on the town’s engineering survey.  Not every residence in Holly will need to install a device, such as a single-family dwelling unit that is not cross-connected to another water main.  Former Town Administrator, Jerry L’Estrange, told the Trustees last year the study will emphasize industrial and restaurant lines. Full Article

City and state laws require backflow preventers to be installed and maintained by customers that tap into public drinking water supplies, but in Corpus Christi there is little recourse when those rules aren't followed.

The issue came to light last month, when a backflow preventer either failed or was not present at a mixing tank operated by Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions, Inc., on Valero property. As a result, an unknown amount of Indulin AA86 escaped the tank and plunged the city into a four-day water ban. Full Article