“You’re Going To Have The Water Off How Long?????”

How many times have we heard such a statement when testing or repairing containment backflow prevention assemblies on critical services?

Through the years of enforcing San Antonio Water System’s Backflow Prevention Program and today actually being involved in the testing and repairing of assemblies, we have always had to deal with many critical services not having manifold installations (by-pass arrangements). With manifold installations, one Backflow Prevention Assembly can be turned off at a time for testing and/or repair. If the installation does not have a manifold backflow prevention assembly, the water has to be turned off to the facility. The only exception is if there is an additional belted water service or source to the facility.

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Slime in the Ice Machine Kym Orange Jr. WW Grainger, Inc.

Seemingly innocuous drinking fountains, ice machines in hospitals, and water hydration systems in other healthcare settings actually have hidden dangers lurking. These everyday hospital water systems are potentially rife with the sources of fatal respiratory diseases. Although all of these systems are embedded with filters that enhance water taste and purity, the standards of these filters are often well below what's necessary to prevent posing a health risk to patients in healthcare today.

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